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Creole Shrimp Cakes (16)

Served with House Remoulade Sauce,

Coleslaw and Fresh Lemons

Nashville Style Hot Chicken Wings (12)

Served with Ranch & Bleu Cheese Crumbles

3 Pulled Pork Sliders (16)

Crispy BBQ Pork Belly Served on Slider Buns

With Coleslaw

Clam Chowder (7/13)

Clams, Leeks, and Potatoes in a Creamy White Clam Broth with a Slice of Billionaire Candied Bacon

Mac & Cheese (13)

Fresh Made Shell Pasta tossed in a Tillamook White Cheddar Cheese Sauce with Toasted Garlic Panko Breadcrumbs


Pulled Pork Sliders


Mac and Cheese


Waldorf (15)

Apples, Grapes, Oregon Bleu Cheese, and Spiced-Candied Pecans Tossed in a

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Ceasar (14)

Bibb Lettuce, Caesar Dressing, Shaved Grana Padano, Garlic Breadcrumbs and Boquerón’s

*Add Chicken (6) / Shrimp (7)


Waldorf Salad

Bibb (11)

Bibb Lettuce, Sliced Radishes, and Cherry Tomatoes

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